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Pil-Food® is a long-established Swiss remedy for healthy hair. Pil-Food® is suitable for dull, lifeless hair, thinning of hair, brittle hair and may address further hair loss. Pil-Food® helps in building block of hair, nourishing the scalp, reducing hair loss as well as strengthening the hair.

  • In Latin, 'pil' means hair. As such, pil food literally means food for your hair.
  • Pil-Food® contains the necessary nutrients that are studied to be beneficial in sustaining healthy hair growth.
  • These nutrients include Sulphurated Amino Acids (DL-Methionine, L-Cystine), Lactalbumin Hydrolysate, Millet extract, Vitamins B (Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Biotin) and vitamin E.
  • Over 90% of hair is made of keratin, a protein with high sulphur content.
  • As a structural constituent of hair, our body requires the basic building blocks methionine and cystine (essential sulphurated amino acids) to promote hair growth.1
  • Lactalbumin hydrolysate is a type of enzyme producing keratin fibers that supports hair elasticity and strength.
  • Lactalbumin hydrolysate is used to complement the substitution of amino acids.2
  • Millet is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids with some additional key trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and iodine.
  • Millet helps to increase cell metabolism, stimulate cell proliferation and tissues regeneration thereby supporting hair growth.1
  • Vitamins B are important for hair structure that help in biosynthesis of keratin, metabolism in skin and hair roots.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B can lead to suspension of growth, hair loss and discoloration.3
  • Vitamin E is lipophilic antioxidant which can reinforce the protection against inflammatory reaction mediators.2
  • Those who are suffering from hair loss
  • Those who wish to maintain healthy hair growth

Adults: One capsule 3 times daily with a large glass of water during meals or as recommended by your health professional.

  • Long established Swiss remedy
  • Scientifically tested for hair growth
  • Contains no hormone
  • Vegetable capsule
  • Suitable for vegetarians